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Dive into a world of rich insights and data-driven decisions.

Today’s tools offer unprecedented cost effectiveness, power, sophistication, and accessibility for empowering people with accurate and timely data , wherever they are, in a format they can quickly understand to make better decisions.  BI solutions show the progress you’ve made to date in context with new possibilities. Whether your past investments in BI have you crawling, walking, or running, tools released in the last 6 months can take your BI program to the next level.

What will you get from our BI Assessment?

Modernization Assessment

Find out where you stand compared to research and analytics best practices.

Issues and Objectives

Identify, clarify, and confirm your business users’ needs, wants, and goals.

Data Discovery

Inventory your available data sources and profile potential areas of overlap/conflict or potentially missing components.

Prioritized and Phased Recommendations

What we procide is not just a proposal, it is a tailored success plan that considers where you’ve been, where you want to go, and the pace you’re ready for (budget, culture, and capacity).

Unique Components

Perhaps some of the above components aren’t relevant due to unique circumstances. Your BI-TAP will still include whatever is necessary to create a successful path to take your Analytics program to the next level.

We have the answers to your BI questions

  • What are the next steps we need to take to fully leverage the investments we’ve already made into BI tools?
  • How can we optimize our efforts toward reaping substantial benefits from BI tools as quickly and easily as possible?
  • What potential gains might we see if we were experts in Business Intelligence?

How do we do it?


Stakeholders take a questionnaire before the kickoff meeting to explain the project’s mission and what’ll be asked of them.
Image of home office


We interview and follow up as needed with each stakeholder. Text here that explains how we review their data in preparation.


Text here that explains how we analyze their data to provide good suggestions and to provide a good analytics roadmap,


Our team compiles findings from the process into a roadmap document and presentation with specific recommendations.

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