Posted on: September 7, 2017

Microsoft Office 365 is becoming a staple in enterprises across the nation and globe. In fact, Office 365 is recognized by many for acting as a global standard for productivity as it offers incredible built-in management capabilities and security measures for protecting companies and their sensitive data as they move into an era dominated by mobility and the cloud. Even so, there are many unique security challenges that are faced by Office 365 users as they fight to keep up with the latest digital trends and vulnerabilities. Consequently, a growing number of 365 users are realizing the need for a robust solution like Enterprise Mobility + Security.

What Is Enterprise Mobility + Security?

As technology continues to evolve, it’s important that security evolves just as quickly, and Microsoft has stepped up to the plate, working to deliver new and improved approaches to enterprise security. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)  provides a truly holistic approach to tackling the unique security challenges presented in an age that is highly focused on mobile and the cloud. The EMS solution works by not only protecting the organization against threats but also by ID’ing any security breaches before they have the ability to cause damage.

“Front Door” Protection 

The EMS solution begins at the “front door” of your company, focusing on security for your enterprise’s applications and data. Azure Active Directory Identity Protection works by leveraging countless signals in order to offer conditional access to your apps and sensitive data based upon risk. This includes multi-factor authentication options. Even privileged accounts can be monitored, managed, and protected right at the front door of your business.

Cut Out User Error 

EMS offers extensive visibility into daily users and data activity. This results in your ability to add protection to your enterprise whenever a user makes a poor choice or an error as they work with your critical data. Microsoft Cloud App Security, Azure Information Protection, and Intune Mobile App Management all provide stellar protection against data corruption and data loss on mobile devices.

Be Proactive 

EMS allows you to detect potential attacks before they have the ability to wreak havoc on your business. On-premises solutions like Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics and cloud-based solutions like Azure Active Directory or Cloud App Security make it possible for you to identify attackers via behavioral analytics and anomaly detection technologies.

Why Office 365 and EMS Go Hand-In-Hand

It’s obvious that EMS provides a comprehensive means of offering security to your organization, but it’s especially valuable and important for enterprises who are making use of Office 365. Office 365 is constantly changing and transforming as new users and new types of users need access to company information via 365, as users need access to 365 from new and remote locations, and as information needs to have the capability of being freely shared both inside and outside of your organization while still being secure.

Changes like these depend on a robust management and security solution like EMS. EMS is able to offer all of the fundamental security capabilities that are essential to successfully embracing Office 365 within your business. EMS allows for secure and streamlined access to all of your organization’s essential resources, despite where a user is located or what device he or she is using. Managed mobility capabilities also make it easier for users to do a whole lot more on their devices while keeping sensitive business information safe. Finally, EMS features advanced security capabilities which are in a constant state of “listening” and “learning” as the technological landscape continues to change. This means that new potential threats can be detected and dealt with as they come.

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