Brandon Barnes

Director, IT Team & Sales Engineer

Clients love Brandon. Despite his considerable IT experience and technical expertise, Brandon regards himself as a people person first…with technologist running a close second. His positive outlook, fun-loving nature, and interest in people remain effortless even in the midst of solving the toughest technology challenges. As a former Infantryman in the United States Army, he’s walked more than a few miles in the shoes of technology end-users. He is an expert at translating “IT-lingo” into common language that is easily understood by clients; easing minds and instilling confidence at every turn.

As the VP of Strategy and Architecture, Brandon contributes to the company’s overall offerings development and delivery best practice. He’s a professional problem-solver, responsible for making sure all projects are properly architected and that processes are in place to deliver value. Moreover, he oversees quality control for all of the outputs and solutions produced by the team.

After his military service, Brandon transitioned to the world of IT and computer science, earning Associate Degrees in Computer Network Technology and Computer Information Systems from Arapahoe Community College. He is highly credentialed and holds numerous certifications from Microsoft including Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, Office 365, Windows Server 2012 and many more.

Outside of work, Brandon is committed to making family memories with his wife, Jaclyn, and their four children. Quality time spent traveling, hiking 14ers, meeting new people, and going to concerts and events around Colorado are high priorities—especially when those activities are done as a family.