Cloud Readiness Assessment

Moving to the cloud is a journey, be sure your strategy is aligned with your business objectives.
Have you started your journey to the cloud, but you’re not sure how to scale or manage it? Perhaps you’re ready to take advantage of the cloud’s many benefits: cost-savings, speed, agility, security, and more. The on-premise to cloud migration journey is complex, with many unforeseen considerations. So before you make the leap, let us take a look at your systems and help you craft an effective, comprehensive strategy. Our Cloud Readiness Assessment will help you plan out your architecture, examine costs/benefits, and ensure long term success. Uncommon incorporates a methodology that outlines and addresses your highest priorities in alignment with mitigating risk and leveraging cloud technology to drive your competitive advantage.

How does it work?


We assess your applications and deployments and, when appropriate, we talk to team stakeholders to quickly learn and understand your technical requirements and technologies.


We review the architecture of your current systems and create new or revised diagrams where appropriate with the goal of capturing a solid current state that will support the cloud optimization process.


We perform a thorough, comprehensive analysis that helps us understand and recommend priorities for migrating and optimizing each application, system, server, and user identity in the cloud.


We start by providing a list of any remediation necessary to start or continue your cloud adoption journey. We provide recommendations and a cost analysis to get started on your roadmap to the cloud.

Why Should You Migrate Now?

Simplify Team Collaboration
After Migration to the cloud, Office 365 and OneDrive for Business, version control is easier to manage. All documents are automatically backed up, which means your changes are saved and you can easily locate previous versions of your work. You can also co-author documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote in real time, and share feedback via chat in Word.
Benefit from Agile Communications
Maximize the efficiency of how you work by sharing insights instantly, finding and adding contacts, and sharing files to collaborate on the go with a full suite of Office apps. Apps such as Microsoft Teams, which is included as part of Office 365 which makes your teams more productive with chat, audio, video meeting, and file-sharing capabilities.
Enable Machine Learning Efficiencies
Migrate now and your calendaring becomes easier, with seamless machine learning that suggests meeting times, and can remind employees of required follow-ups with contacts, scheduled presentations, and contracts to complete. Formatting and design suggestions in PowerPoint, as well as data insights in Excel, can make the quality of your work look more professional.
Secure File Sharing
Your files are automatically backed up to your secure OneDrive for Business account, where you can easily locate the version history of your files either on your desktop or mobile. This allows you to share files safely with others, internally or externally, and protect your data with secure links that help control access and editing permissions.


  • What are the cost savings if I move to M365/Azure?
  • Which applications should I move to and what is the recommended sequence?
  • How secure is the cloud? What are my risks?
  • Will you take care of the architecture changes in order to meet the reliability, scalability, and availability requirements?
  • Will you ensure that my data and processes respect regulatory compliance?
  • How will you perform knowledge transfer for the systems we are moving to?
Our Cloud Readiness Assessment will provide answers to all of the above and more. Just reach out and let’s talk!