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How to get the results that made you a coach

3 Differences Between a Business Coach and a Business Preacher

Trust, but Verify

You teach your clients to plan strategically and to pursue results with intentionality and persistence.  Why do some of them thrive while others stagnate?  There’s no one valid reason, but doesn’t it always come down to execution and follow-through?  After you’ve helped them envision success, document their plans, and implement your preferred system for organizing effective goal setting and planning, it’s up to them to do the hard work of action.  You can grow your business through networking, promotion, and creative marketing strategies, but nothing beats those “best in class” clients who take every opportunity to follow your proven methodology – turning every interaction with you into their own action and competent execution.  When your clients succeed, they pave the way for your business to grow with referrals and testimonials.  They promote you – and they help you sharpen your saw.  It’s win-win.   When they don’t, they can become detractors.  So, you need a way to verify they are executing and so do they.

Track Commitments

We work with a lot of coaches and business OS implementers, and the best ones hold their clients accountable without pushing too hard.   They balance determination and drive with patience and curiosity – never blaming or shaming their clients, but not letting them off the hook either.  They get their clients to commit to actions, and they revisit the results – adeptly assessing the client’s readiness to step up to the next level and moving between challenge, encouragement, and equipping to maintain a healthy relationship without failing to take ground in every interaction.


When a client commits to act, you can’t expect perfection, but you can’t condone an absence of follow through and competence either.  In The Ultimate Question 2.0, Fred Reichheld says “Too many companies these days can’t tell the difference between good profits and bad. As a result, they are getting hooked on bad profits.” Every fee you receive from a client that isn’t benefitting from your help is potentially bad profit.  You need boundaries that put the responsibility squarely in your client’s court and make clear what your minimum level of engagement is before you know your time would be better spent serving a client who’s in it at the same level you are.

Here’s how Uncommon Solutions can help.  At the risk of being presumptuous, I will guess that you ask your clients to set measurable goals.  You probably recommend a scorecard, a dashboard, and/or key performance indicators that reliably track their progress towards their goals.  How many of you clients can produce such a scorecard for you when you request it?   What if you only ask clients who’ve worked with you for 6 months or a year or more already?   It’s that simple.  You’ve told them to create it, but how do you verify without being discouraging or shaming?   How do you track their commitments if they aren’t tracking them?   Do you have a line you won’t cross for clients who’ve had enough time and chances and just aren’t following your advice?

There’s 3 ways we can help:

Uncommon Solutions partners with professionals like you all the time to help ensure every client you help has the highest odds of joining your growing base of raving fans

Branded Dashboard Workshops

Add value to your client base by sponsoring a workshop for your clients.  You provide the list of clients and work with our team to get them invited to your webinar.  We’ll provide the webinar tools, a business intelligence professional, and valuable content to help educate and encourage your clients toward effective dashboards and business intelligence practices.  Your clients will thank you and this level of engagement is at no cost to you.


Technology Alignment Program (BI-TAP)

BITAP – The Business Intelligence Technology Alignment Program Is an intensive workshop aimed at clarifying your clients’ key business metrics, identifying the data sources that could be used to track and report on them, and building a proof-of-concept solution to take them to the next level.  Call us to talk about how you can integrate this service into your coaching or sponsor a discounted engagement for your clients.


Our Business Process Outsource and Innovate program is specifically designed for growing businesses who have been unable to make the time needed to strategize their dashboards and metrics.  If time is the ultimate issue, we challenge you to identify a process that is consuming your time that you could delegate or, better yet, automate and give us a call.   Whether it’s Month-End closing processes,  compensation calculations, annual reporting, analytical processing, or otherwise, if it consumes your time, buy a piece of your time back from us.  Teach our team your process and – for qualifying processes – we will provide you with a proposal with the cost for our team to immediately take the process off your plate (thereby freeing your time up immediately).  In subsequent iterations of the process, our team will re-engineer and/or automate the process until takes a fraction of the time it did before.  Afterwards, we’re happy to hand the improved process back to you or continue outsourcing it.   So, you can challenge us with the next process and continue to free up your time, or simply insource the process again.

Win-Win-Win – Give us a call and let’s see if we can help one another grow our businesses while your customers grow theirs.  If we can help your clients be more effective, or even just buy them more time, you’re going to receive more referrals, have better testimonials, and – if you’ve read The Ultimate Question 2.0 – we’re both going to improve our Net Promoter Scores.