Communication & Collaboration

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective communication and seamless collaboration are paramount to success. SharePoint, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams have proven themselves a worthy solution, utilized by companies, departments and clients across the globe (each implementing different platforms and devices). With our expertise in data placement and organization, calling, chat, and sharing, as well as remote work, our team can collaborate with you to determine the right solution to help integrate your data and infrastructure to best support company-wide collaboration and productivity.
Struggling with communication gaps and inefficiencies? Partner with us for a comprehensive approach that covers optimizing communication channels, implementing collaboration tools, and fostering a culture of effective teamwork throughout your organization.


    • Microsoft SharePoint
    • Microsoft Teams & Telephony
    • Microsoft 365 Consulting


    • Data Placement & Organization
    • Calling, Chat, & Sharing
    • Remote Work

Teams Telephony

Looking to save money on your phone system? Have you started the journey to completely adopt Teams for communication and collaboration in your business? Microsoft Teams is more than just a robust collaboration tool for chat, file sharing, team collaboration and real time connection, it can also be used for inbound and outbound calling. Uncommon invites you to learn more about our methodology to evaluate your telephony needs and align a Teams Voice solution with your business objectives.