Posted on: April 6, 2016

By now, everyone’s heard of Microsoft Office 365, but not everyone has made the switch. Some businesses have held off on migrating to the cloud because they have a fear of the unknown while others may not initially see the benefit to moving away from the on-premises software tools that they’ve grown to trust throughout the years. Regardless of the reason, though, enterprises that haven’t embraced Office 365 are missing out — big time. 

With Office 365, businesses of all sizes can save time and money, enjoy increased flexibility, boost productivity, and more, all while employing the Office tools you know and love. Here’s a closer look at what you stand to gain by moving to the cloud.

Increased Productivity
Businesses are constantly looking for ways to boost productivity and improve office-wide efficiency. But what does this actually mean? Work productivity can be summed up in a single question: Can something make my job simpler or not? 
Microsoft developed Office 365 as a means of simplifying day-to-day business functions. 365 was designed with simplicity in mind so that users can quickly and efficiently employ valuable tools that will help them carry out their job duties in less time than ever before.
Cost Savings
One of the biggest benefits to working with Office 365 is that it provides your business with the opportunity to save money. Instead of purchasing out-of-the-box solutions with tools you don’t need, you can customize your experience for cost-efficiency. You’ll also save on updates and may even be able to scale back on the number of servers your business needs. 
Office On-the-Go
With Office 365, users can access tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. regardless of where they are located. As long as you have  a computer or mobile device with an internet connection, you’re good to go. This is because the cloud-based software runs in an online Microsoft data center rather than on-premises at your place of business. 
Single Source of Truth
When working with Office 365, you can count on the fact that you’ll always have a single source of the truth coming from centrally located data. If, for example, you alter a document from your tablet while at home and your colleague views the document from their phone while at the office, he or she will still see the most up-to-date version of the file. This eliminates the need to e-mail updated versions back and forth to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
Tools like SharePoint make it simple for users to collaborate on documents with each another in real-time. 
User Friendly
With Office 365, there’s virtually no learning curve to worry about. After the Vista disaster, Microsoft learned that its users appreciate being able to have access to things that they’re already comfortable working with. It should come as a relief, then, to know that none of your favorite tools have been changed a bit. The only difference is that you can now access them from anywhere, at any time, via the cloud. 
Security is always a major concern for businesses looking to transition to the cloud. Relax in the knowledge that Microsoft takes security very seriously and handles all of the heavy lifting to ensure that your documents are safe and secure at all times. This frees up your IT team’s time to manage more pertinent tasks.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve the way you do business by migrating to Office 365. The experts at Uncommon Solutions are ready and able to help you make the transition as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Give us a call to learn more today.