Posted on: February 2, 2017

If there’s anything that we learned at CES 2017, it’s that Microsoft is crushing it!

The excitement surrounding Microsoft’s latest tech is incredible, and similar companies should be shaking in their boots. From new Windows 10 devices to virtual reality to connected cars and vehicles (and just about everything in between), Microsoft really does have something to offer everyone. Here’s a quick look at what the tech giant revealed at this year’s CES event:

New Windows 10 Devices and Products

Everyone in attendance at the show was abuzz about new Windows 10 machines. There were some really cool products available through HP, Lenovo, Samsung, and many others, all of which will make it easier for users to choose devices that make the most sense for their needs. 

Why You Should Care:  As a Microsoft user, you’ll be able to make better decisions for your business as you select the ideal devices for you and your team.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is going to change the game for numerous industries. Microsoft is already throwing virtual reality, mixed virtual reality, and augmented reality into the mix, partnering with Lenovo, who put their own VR headset on display. The set will make VR more accessible to the masses, being much less expensive than the Oculus and the Vive, and we can expect to see cool stuff coming from Microsoft to be used with the (as yet) unnamed headset.

Why You Should Care: Regardless of what your business does, virtual reality could make a huge impact on your day-to-day processes, the ways in which you connect with your target audience, and the development of your latest products.

Home Assistants 

You’ve seen Cortana and all that “she” has to offer, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Microsoft made it rather clear at CES 2017 that they are now laying the groundwork for fully-connected home assistants to be a part of our near future. Because Lenovo put its new “Smart Assistant” (their equivalent of the Amazon Echo) on display, we’re pretty confident that Microsoft’s logical move would be to push out support for Cortana to be built into similar devices. This functionality would allow them to be tied directly into Windows 10 products throughout the home and office. 

Why You Should Care: Cortana makes life easier for you and your staff by interacting with you and helping you from one connected device. With assistance available directly from all Windows 10 devices, you’ll never be short-staffed again. 

Connected Cars

While Apple struggles with its own car project, Microsoft was able to show off its success at CES 2017. Here, they unveiled their Connected Vehicle Platform, which has been constructed on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Keep your eyes peeled, because you’re likely to see the tech in next-generation connected vehicles, like BMW and Volvo. 

Why You Should Care: Stay connected to your team wherever you go! With Microsoft tech inside your company vehicle, you can stay current with what’s going on back at the office, participate in meetings, have the most recent and accurate data, and more – all while on-the-go!

Mobile Vision

Microsoft showed CES attendees that they are still a major contender in the mobile sector, and that they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They recently announced that they’ll be releasing Windows 10 for Qualcomm processors, which could indicate that the future holds a brand new series of connected devices and tablets, and maybe even Windows 10 for phones. In the meantime, we can still expect Microsoft to continue its expert efforts in building amazing and useful apps for both iOS and Android devices, so that all customers can access Microsoft products. 

Why You Should Care: Smartphones and mobile devices are truly a staple in the workplace, and the smarter and more efficient they are, the better off you’ll be. 

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