Dallen Campbell

Vice President of Strategy & Architecture

For Dallen, serving clients comes down to three fundamental skills: ask great questions, listen well, then architect technology solutions to solve real business problems.

In his executive leadership role, Dallen helps companies and organizations bridge the gap that often exists between strategic objectives and the IT solutions that best support them. Every day, he lends his considerable experience in software development, systems administration, network engineering and architecture, project management, and IT operations to clients and future clients struggling to solve challenging business problems.

For many, IT can prove overwhelming. Dallen is the capable, reassuring voice in the room that brings clarity and hope to difficult situations. Recognized for his gift for strategy, his value to clients goes well beyond IT skills. Part vision-caster, part advocate and part solutions architect, Dallen helps lead businesses to a place where success is not limited by technology, but fully enabled by it.

Originally from Helena, Montana, Dallen moved to Colorado in 1980. He holds a degree in Math and Computer Science from the University of Northern Colorado. A husband and father of five, he cares deeply for people and gives back to the community through his service to variety of nonprofit organizations.