Posted on: October 27, 2015

In the first part of our series, we took a hard look at some of the myths that initially stop businesses from embracing all that the cloud has to offer. We saw that switching to platforms like Microsoft Office 365 allows for all of the flexibility, control, and security that you expect and require for day-to-day operations. Now, in part two, we are ready to dig a little bit deeper and debunk some of the misconceptions about what is required of businesses that move to the cloud and what they can expect in terms of data privacy. Read on to learn more.

MYTH #4: Moving to the cloud is an all-or-nothing scenario, thereby requiring me to move everything over.

FACT: Early on, the cloud was proclaimed from the rooftops as being the end-all, be-all “Holy Grail” of technology. Even so, no one has ever truly advocated for plunking your entire company right in the middle of the cloud overnight. The smartest cloud proponents and users recognize the importance of beginning with a hybrid approach. Businesses might first start by moving a single application, such as email, into the cloud and then growing from there. A hybrid of on-premises and cloud-based applications helps to create a highly consistent platform which spans both data centers and the cloud. IT is then simplified, and apps can be delivered to users on virtually any device — anywhere, any time. Ultimately, this solution gives your business control over scaling up or down, as needed, so that not a dime is wasted of your onsite technology investments. Best of all, you have the freedom to select which workloads you’d like to move into the cloud first. The path for every business is unique, ensuring that the transition is tailored to your needs.

MYTH #5: Migration to the cloud is too much for my business to handle.

FACT: When you first start thinking about how to go about moving petabytes of data into the cloud, it’s easy to become very overwhelmed. While the transition isn’t going to be a total cinch, though, it’s a lot easier than you might initially expect. Businesses can be up quickly for agile initiatives and calculated data migrations without all of the imagined stress and hassle. Again, a phased or hybrid approach helps you to blaze your own unique trail that will work for your business demands. 

MYTH #6: Corporate spies, cyber thieves, and governments can access cloud-based data.

FACT: Of all the concerns and fears that businesses have about moving to the cloud, this is perhaps one of the greatest. Interestingly enough, the fear is entirely unfounded. Each individual business can use its own IT team to manage access, to set up rights and restrictions, and to provide smartphone/mobile access and options. The company remains the sole owner, retaining the rights, title, and interest in all of the data that is stored in Office 365. In addition to this, there are strict controls in place that prevent any of Business A’s data from mingling with that of Business B, and vise-versa. In fact, Microsoft is the very first major cloud provider that has adopted the world’s first international standard for cloud privacy. 

After all has been said and done, many of the misconceptions that people have about how they must migrate to the cloud and the access control of their data are nothing more than a “boogey man”. Your business will have all of the freedom it desires when making the switch, and you’re always able to make further changes down the road — all while protecting access to your private information. 

Learn more truths about the cloud by tuning back in for the final part of this 3-part series. Have questions in the meantime? Give the experts at Uncommon Solutions a call today.