Posted on: November 29, 2017

The end of October marked the beginning of a whole new experience with Office 365 as Microsoft started rolling out brand new perks for subscribers who make use of Enterprises of all sizes who are are subscribers of Office 365 now have the opportunity to enjoy premium email features. Some of the top benefits that businesses can expect to enjoy include an ad-free inbox, enhanced security and protective measures against malware and phishing, bigger mailbox sizes, and the ultimate in customer support. What’s more, Office 365 and Outlook users can expect even more incredible, premium features to be added in the months ahead. In the meantime, however, it’s time to acquaint yourself with the latest and greatest stuff. Here’s a closer look at what the new premium features have to offer.

Ad-Free Inbox

If you hate ads, you’re in good company – and you’re in luck. As of right now, the outlook.cominterface is now completely free of ads for those who are subscribed to Office 365. And when we say completely ad-free, we mean it. You won’t have to deal with banner ads or even advertisements in the message list (native ads). Not only does this mean fewer distractions and annoyances, but it also means faster load times.

Superior Email Protection

Email is one of the primary ways in which cybercriminals try to trick people and businesses into giving away protected information or downloading viruses or ransomware. already deployed one of the most robust spam and virus filtration systems, but now Office 365 users can enjoy even more advanced protection. Additional security is offered as Outlook now makes use of sophisticated techniques for detecting brand new types of malware, and as email links are checked in real-time in order to predict whether or not the link is safe to follow.

Increased Mailbox Storage

In the world of business, bigger inboxes are always better! You and your team have tons of important emails and documentation to hold onto, and you can’t afford to run out of space. The new Office 365 premium infrastructure provides 50 GB of email storage for users.

Premium Support

Never go it alone again. If you’re an Office 365 user and have a problem with an account, you’ll now be able to take advantage of free tech support. You’ll always receive the highest level of customer care, regardless of whether you seek help via phone or the app.

If you’re already an Office 365 user, you’re probably eager to start enjoying the new and improved perks for Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy. How easy? Well, for starters, the premium benefits are automatically activated based on the email that was utilized to sign up for your company’s 365 subscription. This includes any email addresses ending in, and If you’re a smaller business using an Office 365 home subscription and share your benefits with a few other users, you will be able to share the premium features with others as well.

The premium benefits have already started being rolled out to Office 365 subscribers throughout the world. The entire process of updating all global accounts will take approximately one month, so you can expect to be enjoying the latest perks before you know it. From here, Microsoft plans to continue offering advanced, premium benefits to enhance the Office 365 and experience.

Not an Office 365 subscriber yet? No problem. The experts at Uncommon Solutions are here to provide you with information about subscribing to Office 365 and taking advantage of all that it has to offer today. Contact us to learn more and to improve your business model.