Posted on: January 26, 2017

Life as a business professional is hectic. You’re constantly busy, trying to approve design specs, collaborate with your team members, step into important meetings, stay on top of what’s going on with inter-departmental budgets, manage correspondence from clients, perfect products and services, and so much more. Frankly, it requires a degree of multi-tasking that is difficult (if not impossible) for even the most well-organized minds to handle. In fact, life would be a whole lot simpler if there were two of you, or if, at the very least, you could have a personal assistant.

Unfortunately, hiring a personal assistant isn’t always in the budget, and it isn’t always practical. But, guess what? Thanks to Microsoft, the practice of actually hiring a person to assist you isn’t even necessary. Businesses that have made the smart decision to upgrade to Windows 10 have the opportunity to deploy a handy personal assistant of their very own, and “her” name is Cortana.

Hands-Free Assistance

When you’re working, you don’t have time to drop everything you’re doing and take the time to write down reminders, look up information, or add such info to an ever-growing list of things that you need to take care of before the work day is through. That’s why Windows 10 offers hands-free personal assistance via its Hey Cortana feature. By simply saying the words, “Hey Cortana”, your efficient personal assistant will be alert and at-the-ready to help you with anything you may need.

Enabling Hey Cortana

Switching on Hey Cortana is so fast and simple, you’ll wonder what took you so long to get started. All you need to do is click on the search bar on the home screen of your PC, tablet, smartphone, or other device. From here, go to settings and locate the button that allows you to turn Hey Cortona on. Once “she” is enabled, you’ll be able to ask Cortana to do just about anything to help you out with your daily tasks. You can even use the settings to enable Hey Cortana when your phone is locked so that you don’t have to keep re-entering your password each time you need assistance. Don’t want someone else to be able to make use of Cortana if your phone is locked? Click “Try to respond only to me” and teach Cortana how to recognize your voice. Pretty cool, huh?

Let Cortana Remind You

Got a busy schedule? No problem. Whenever something new comes up, all you have to do is say, “Hey Cortana”, and ask her to remind you to get to your upcoming meetings and appointments on time, to finish a project before a scheduled deadline, or to take care of anything that needs to be done by a specific time.

Have Cortana Research Local Services

What happens when you have a major client coming to town, but you just don’t have time to figure out where to take them out to dinner in-between all of your other projects? Just ask Cortana to do it for you! By enabling the Hey Cortana feature, you can have your personal assistant research all of your options and make sure you impress your guests. 

Let Cortana Manage Your Schedule

Stop checking your schedule every five seconds in order to figure out what you need to do next or how much time you have left to finish a specific task before your next meeting. Hey Cortana can instantly tell you what’s coming up so that you can focus on what matters.

Get Useful Information from Cortana

Sometimes, you’re in the middle of an online discussion with your colleagues in Microsoft Teams or on Skype, and an interesting or important question arises. Instead of navigating away from the conversation to look up the answer, just call out for Cortana and have her do it on your behalf. You’ll get the answers faster, and without distraction.

Interested in learning more about Hey Cortana and how it can improve your day-to-day business operations? Contact the experts at Uncommon Solutions and we will answer any questions you may have about Cortana and Windows 10.