Posted on: March 30, 2017

Digital disruption happens when a new technology affects the value proposition of existing goods, services, and business models. We believe that the next digital disruption is just around the corner: Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing increasingly influential in business in nearly all industries where decision-making is being fundamentally altered with thinking machines. We’re experiencing an ever-growing need for faster, smarter decision-making, and our struggle to manage massive volumes of big data is driving this trend. Basically, the convergence of big data and AI is inevitable, and we all need to be prepared for it in order to survive.

The Future of Big Data Demands AI

As you read this post, the immense volume of data that exists in this world – and even inside your own company – is growing. Data is constantly being generated, and as technology advances, we must find a way to keep up. Merely collecting or having access to large data sets is no longer enough. It will not produce a useful result. What we’re seeing is a true data tsunami made up of text, video, streaming, pictures, voice, the Internet of Things (IoT)… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. On our own, we are completely unequipped for knowledge extraction and for the extreme demands that our customers, market, and talent have for fast decision-making.

Machine learning and analytics paired up with big data is simply the natural course of action. The two disciplines must converge in order for us to make sense of big data and harness its power to make better decisions. Not only is Artificial Intelligence capable of helping us capture enormous quantities of data, break it down, analyze it, and interpret it, but AI will also help us get a better sense of what the information means on a more human level. For example, obtaining data in order to identify customer or employee behavioral trends is useful, but wouldn’t it be even better if we could automate meaning-extraction for fast, intelligent advice on how to use this data to identify more optimal ways to solve problems and be more productive?

The future would be bleak for big data analytics without AI, but AI has the potential to completely transform the way that we utilize the data that we generate each day. Even the most seemingly impossible challenges could be tackled with the assistance of machine learning. Autonomous decision-making is and will continue to become the new norm, and as the issues regarding the ethics behind automated AI are addressed and resolved, we will see much more of this. From here, self-learning systems will provide us with faster, more accurate information so that we can work smarter, not harder, in the future.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, we need to be looking at both big data and AI not as separate trends in the technological sector, but rather as ideas which should be converged. Putting these two things together will be the next big digital disruption, and it will completely alter the way that we see things and do business. And once we can anticipate that disruption, we can prevent it from being disruptive to our daily operations whatsoever. Instead, we can take measures to get ready for what is to come, giving us a competitive edge. Who doesn’t love the idea of that?

How can you prepare for the convergence of big data and AI? Reach out to the experts at Uncommon Solutions today. We’re happy to provide you with answers to your questions and help you get your business ready for the future.