Posted on: January 13, 2016

We all know that “video killed the radio star”, but can Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 “kill” the traditional laptop? This tablet is so advanced and sophisticated that Microsoft claims it has the ability to completely erase one’s need for a laptop computer, essentially enabling users to take their workstations with them wherever they go — without any bulky cases or cables. 

After years of relying on laptops, though, you may find yourself wondering if you can really trust these claims and put your faith entirely into a Surface Pro 4. We understand your concerns and are here to address them all. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at whether the Surface Pro is poised to take both the tablet and laptop world by storm in the new year.

Surface Pro 4 At-a-Glance

What weighs only 1.73 pounds, converts from a standard tablet to a laptop, runs on the latest Intel core processors, supports Microsoft 10, and has a battery life that can last up to 9 hours? You’ve got it — we’re talking about the Surface Pro 4. When the adjustable kickstand is down and the keypad is detached, the Surface Pro 4 may appear to be just another tablet, but don’t let that fool you. With a few simple moves, you’ll find that you can start working with the device as easily and efficiently as if you were sitting at your laptop. The Intel Core m3, i5, and i7 processors maintain the highest degree of power for the hybrid device while running quieter and cooler than ever before. Office Suite runs perfectly on the Surface Pro 4, ensuring that you have all the tools that need to get your work done. Surface Pro is also compatible with a stylus pen that’s just as smooth as a ballpoint. The 12.3″ screen makes it easy for you to watch movies, play games, edit photos, create spreadsheets, and so much more. There’s really not much that the Surface Pro 4 can’t do.

Surface Pro 4 as a Tablet

The lightweight nature of the Surface Pro 4 makes it perfect as a portable tablet device that can be pulled out and used whenever, wherever. With touch screen and stylus-activated capabilities, it’s simple to communicate with friends, colleagues, and loved ones, watch videos, read ebooks, snap photos, play games, and perform a number of other tasks common to tablet usage. The difference is that you’ll enjoy a sharper and clearer picture, more power, and more speed.

Surface Pro 4 as a Laptop

After looking at the Surface Pro 4, it’s pretty obvious that it’s got what it takes to corner the tablet market, but can it really replace a laptop? After playing around with it, we certainly think so. The detachable keypad makes it easy to type lengthy reports and correspondences while Office Suite and Microsoft 10’s high-tech features allow you to power through your workload without any hiccups. The device is simple to set up — anywhere, anytime. Best of all, it’s light, compact, and easier to take with you than a bulkier, traditional laptop.

The Verdict

No surprise — Microsoft is right on track with its claims that the Surface Pro 4 really can do it all. Those who are looking for an affordable means to handle their personal and business-related day-to-day functions (and really, who isn’t?) will be delighted with the Surface Pro 4’s capabilities. We expect to see the device flying off of the shelves throughout 2016 and taking the tech market by storm. 

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