For Small and Medium Businesses

Tired of Dealing with IT Frustrations…

For the last 8 years, our team has spent thousands of hours handling high-ticket IT projects, advanced IT support, migrations, business process automation, mergers & acquisitions data analytics and much more… 

We want to bring our high level experience to the local businesses at a fraction of the cost!

 let me tell you, working directly with multiple small to medium sized businesses, partners, business owners, and IT directors, We’ve heard it all

 “None of my employees can get a hold of the IT department!” 

“The migration for our server environment to the cloud failed, we never made the move!”

“I have workers that haven’t been able to do their job, because the systems are down!”

“I have no idea how my technology works, I just want help understanding.”

“I feel like we are always reacting to IT problems and not being proactive at all.”

“Are you serious, you can save my employees time and errors by automating that?!”

“Our current staff doesn’t have the skill sets to do that, we just need some help.”

“I had no idea that I could use my data to see how much I am paying for ____ and my profits for ___ on dashboards?!”

 What is the difference between US and other IT Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) or IT Consultants? 

→ Process Automation & Analytics: Some of our Co-opetition (Competitors and Partners) allow us to work with their customers as we have abilities with business process automation & business analytics they don’t have experience with. 

→ Toolsets: Some MSP’s don’t have the right tool sets. Oh, it is important! Making sure you have the right tools to track product expirations, outages, space, and so much more… 

→ Co-Managed Services: With our experience working with larger organizations with full IT teams, we know what it takes to fill in as a fractional CIO, Staff Augmented Server Administrator, and how to complete large projects with confidence. 

→ Documentation: We know what it takes to understand an IT environment. Having as much knowledge with documentation, diagrams, passwords, instructions, etc.. Is very important to advise on improvements. 

→ Pro-Active Improvement (PI): We highly recommend PI! What is it? Dedicated hours from our experienced engineers to improve your systems: Security, SharePoint, Teams, Power BI, Business Process, Projects, Migrations and more…

→ Project Managers: A lot of MSP’s don’t have “Project Managers”, we do! Why is that important? They ensure that all agreements are met and help really smart nerds, like me, stay on track!

→ Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR): Allow us to go over your dashboard, issues & objectives three months. Everything from how many issues, how long it takes to solve, who submits the most issues, identify problems, go over future IT objectives, etc.. QBR’s also allow us to communicate, adjust, ensure your experience is awesome! 

→ Quality Over Quantity: We have a great attitude and truly do care about helping our customers, we are more concerned with the quality of our staff as well as our customers quality, more than quantity. 


We are on a mission to find businesses that are looking for an IT partner and not just a provider

I personally get really tired of talking to organizations that are so frustrated with their current providers. 


Not because of the business leaders, but because of the bad name some MSP’s are giving the good ones like us. 

We want to bring a new positive experience and attitude to your technology services. 

So you and your employee’s can free up some extra time to do what you love. 

Consider this your invitation to join us. 

You can decline, keep your current way of handling your IT, and wonder when you’ll be able to utilize your technology to its full potential. 

Or we can help you find a new way of making IT a company superpower and not a thing you have to stress about keeping up and running. 

 Ready to level up your IT solutions? 

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