Breaking Down Barriers

.NET is a revolutionary Microsoft OS platform that works to incorporate Windows applications with a suite of tools and services, coupled with changes to the infrastructure of its web strategy. The end result is common functionality that enables applications to run with consistent performance across a number of different IT environments. Our Uncommon developers utilize this valuable framework because it acts as a comprehensive programming model in the building of high quality applications that offer the best user experiences possible.

Microsoft .NET

.NET Objectives

The .NET Framework supports both the building and running of next gen applications and XML web services. It’s designed to fulfill the following key objectives:

  • To erase boundaries between apps and the Internet.
  • To provide users with access to information on the Internet anytime, anywhere.
  • To improve and introduce ways for interacting with application data.
  • To minimize software deployment and versioning conflicts.
  • To promote the safe execution of code.
  • To create consistency across widely varying applications.
  • To offer a consistent and object-oriented programming environment.
  • To ensure that all communication is built on industry standards.