Our Purchase Optimization Assessment

We can help you save time, money, and effort. Our one-of-a-kind Purchase Optimization Assessment is intended to help organizations who purchase Microsoft licensing and services to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of their purchasing.

Where could unintentional waste come from?

  • Are you buying excess product to cover fluctuations in demand?
  • Are you paying for unassigned licenses?
  • Are you paying for products that users requested but never used?
  • Are you paying for premium features that are actually unused?
  • Are you buying a la carte when bundles bring discounts?
  • Are you paying for unused incentives and funding programs?

Our Purchase Optimization Assessment will help you:

Reduce Waste

Mitigate Security Risks

Drive Adoption

How do we do it?

Uncommon uses special monitoring tools to collect information about the usage patterns of your Microsoft software users and the licensing you have purchased. This allows our uniquely qualified Microsoft experts to analyze the information carefully. We then present to you specific opportunities for improvement that provide savings and security for your business.
Rapidly dissolving/degrading security due to poor optimization of Microsoft Licensing represented by a dissolving lock

The Problem

Many Microsoft purchasers simply bought their subscriptions and left them alone, not realizing that over time they are dealing with waste, limited adoption, low return on investment, and security risks. Our POA is designed to hunt down these common errors/risks and suggest improvements to save you time and money.
Computer and phone sitting on a desk indicating waiting for the process of Microsoft Licensing optimization to be finished

The Process

We consider hundreds of actual scenarios, but rather than overwhelm you with all of these concerns, we use technology to monitor your specific products, users, and usage patterns with little effort on your part. Then we narrow down the discussion to immediately actionable items that produce real savings and security improvements.
Team of people working on computers to help you optimize your Microsoft Licensing

The Timeline

To provide a POA, Uncommon uses tools from Microsoft and CoreView connected to your Tenant with the authorization of one of your domain admins. We generally allow up to 2 weeks for the monitoring tools to run collecting information about your users, Microsoft licensing, and actual usage patterns.
Man smiling at his phone showing that he is happy with the Microsoft Licensing Optimization he received

The Results

After the tools and our expert business analysts have had sufficient time to collect relevant data, we will document our findings and present them to you in an easy-to-comprehend manner. Then we will discuss any questions you may have in person 3 to 4 weeks from the beginning of your POA assessment.

Ready to save time, money, and effort? Connect with us to schedule your POA!