PST Mail to Office 365 Migration - Acquisition


Case Study: Automotive Company

Our client is an automotive company who was acquired by another organization. Uncommon worked with both companies to migrate, integrate and train the acquired company’s users for their new environment.

Business Problem:

The client’s environment was using basic Windows machines with minimal email solution and network bandwidth. They primarily used third-party vendors for storing data. This meant that each user needed to be integrated with an identity tied to the acquiring company.


Uncommon Solutions provided a migration plan for them to become fully integrated. This migration had to use a PST-based integration due to the lack of email functionality and poor network connection.


Working as a team, Uncommon and the acquiring firm were able to successfully integrate the acquired company’s users and functionality into their environment. Users were then trained how to use the new Microsoft Office stack while still continuing business work flow.

Systems Used:

  • Office 365 Exchange Online
  • Azure Active Directory
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