Device Management


Case Study: Lending Firm

A lending and finance firm needed a solution to manage and keep track of all their equipment including remote laptops. We collaborated with the client to create a domain and inventory through Azure to expand their device management.

Business Problem:

The client needed a computer management solution to deploy applications, security policies, inventory and Windows updates. They also needed to track equipment for both their remote and local staff.


Uncommon Solutions deployed the first edition of Intune on all Windows 7 machines external to the main office infrastructure with a hybrid of Intune and SCCM to manage them.


After Microsoft upgraded to the Azure Intune platform, the client moved all machines to the Azure-based Intune Portal. The Azure domain provides instant security after all new machines join the domain, providing an easy transition and peace of mind for users. Machines, including laptops, can be managed anywhere with an internet connection through the Intune and Azure Active Directory. The client no longer has to worry about managing their computers, no matter where their users are

Systems Used:

  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Intune
  • Azure Information Protection
  • Advanced Threat Analytics

“This is it exactly!!! You are so wonderful!”

~ A Leading Lending Corporation

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