Posted on: May 17, 2017

Need a little extra help staying on top of your emails and managing your time? Good news – Microsoft has been busy making updates to Windows 10 Mail & Calendar in order to simplify your life! In addition to offering some serious architectural improvements that boost performance and allow for faster innovation, the updates also include some pretty cool new functionalities. If you have an or Office 365 account, be on the lookout for these super handy features:

Focused Inbox

It seems like every time you open your email, there are tons of new messages waiting for your attention – some important, and others not so important. Windows 10 Mail will now separate your email inbox into two distinct tabs: Focused and Other. The emails that will most likely call for your immediate action and attention will appear under “Focused”. Mail will determine which emails to place under “Focused” based upon an understanding of the folks you interact with most, as well as the actual email content. Meanwhile, all other emails will remain under the “Other” tab – easily accessible but out of your way!


Mentions is going to change the way that you and your colleagues connect through email. All you have to do is add the @ symbol into the body of your text, and then select the person that you specifically want to address from your contacts. The person’s name will be highlighted in blue, allowing that individual to know that this specific part of the conversation pertains to them and that an action will need to be taken. On the flip side of things, mentions will also help you keep track of what you’ve been asked to do.

Colors Categories

If your calendar is so full that it’s hard for you to focus on what you’re supposed to be doing from one hour to the next, the colors categories feature will be a big help. By having the ability to categorize and organize your calendar events by color, you’ll be able to make faster visual associations with your upcoming tasks so that you can plan your day better.

Interesting Calendars

Who says that you can’t mix business with pleasure? As busy as you are with your work each day, it can be difficult for you to find the time to plan your social life or to come up with fun and relaxing things to do on your day off. The Interesting Calendars feature will let you keep an eye on holidays, festivals, public events in your area, and even TV schedules.

Manage Reservations and Package Deliveries

Microsoft is making it extremely simple for you to keep track of any travel reservations you’ve made or any packages you’ve ordered/sent. In addition to allowing you to move these details from your emails to your calendar, now you will be able to take advantage of simplified summary cards that will appear in your inbox and calendar, allowing you to quickly access the details you need.

Do More With Calendar Invites

You’ll get much more out of calendar invites with the new improvements that have been made. For one thing, you’ll be able to see Bing location suggestions so that you can add popular addresses for meetings and events. You can also add Skype for online meetings, and you can even click on other invitees’ names in order to access their information from the Windows 10 People app.

There’s an old saying that goes, “Work smarter, not harder”, and the latest updates to Windows 10 Mail & Calendar allow you to do just that. Find out more about how these cool new features can improve your life by speaking with the experts at Uncommon Solutions.