Posted on: February 9, 2017

Denver, CO – Uncommon Solutions is proud to announce its recent merger with local technology and software company, bWERX Inc. Founded in 2008, bWERX tackles client/partner challenges as well as creates their own products, such as Azure-based SaaS, Their expertise in providing start-ups and mid-sized growth companies with entrepreneurial software development services and code libraries enhances Uncommon’s ability to deliver web and mobile applications – both areas that our customers have expressed a need for. “The goal for Uncommon Solutions has always been to align with our client’s goals and to grow our capacity to serve them,” said Brad Leiby, Uncommon Solutions’ CEO. “We are pleased to find a team that aligns culturally with us, and in how we partner with our clients to provide them with the right solutions.”

With this merger, we welcome bWERX’s Justin Culver into the Uncommon family as Managing Partner. Mr. Culver brings with him years of experience as a founder of several technology service companies, and he will spearhead our efforts to transform the way IT professionals deliver services to business users.

Mr. Culver has expressed a great deal of excitement in pushing our common goals forward. “The merger between our two businesses will allow us to build a technology consulting company that is synonymous with Denver, which has always been a personal goal of mine,” said Mr. Culver. “We are excited for what this merger will mean to our clientele – both current and future.” Uncommon Solutions and bWERX each bring unique talents and capabilities to the table, while perfectly complementing each other in philosophy, methodology, and markets served. This merger will prove to be a benefit to our community for years to come. For more information on Uncommon Solutions and our team and capabilities, visit