Posted on: January 4, 2018

Every single enterprise has its own unique path that it takes to the cloud. Regardless of whether you’re simply transferring data, migrating your business’s infrastructure, or modernizing your current applications, Azure makes it simple for you to transition to the cloud in such a way that makes perfect sense for your needs – including when you want to move on-premises VM workloads to Microsoft Azure.

A Seamless Path from Your VMware Environment to Azure

As if moving your VMware workloads to Azure wasn’t already simple enough, Microsoft recently announced brand new services specifically designed to create a completely seamless transition:

Azure Migrate – As of the end of November, the free service Azure Migrate became available to all Azure users. This powerful tool assists you in your journey as you migrate a whole multi-server application across the different phases of its path from your VMware environment to Azure. The tool possesses the capability to discover your VMware-based apps and assesses them, visualize application dependencies for multi-tier sequencing, deploy the applications with Azure, and then forecast, track, and optimize spending via resource and cost optimization.

Azure Services – A large number of Azure services can be utilized together via VMware workloads sans any migration or deployment. This lets you maintain your entire environment in a way that is secure and perfectly managed across both the cloud and on-premises. This is inclusive of services like Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, Azure Security Center, and Azure Log Analytics.

VMware Virtualization – The majority of workloads can be moved to Azure with the above-mentioned services, but there are some specific VMware workloads that involve more initial challenges when it comes to cloud migration. Here, you’ll need the ability to run the VMware stack via Azure as an intermediate stepping stone. This is made possible through Microsoft’s preview of VMware virtualization on Azure. This bare metal solution runs the entire VMware stack on Azure hardware, fully colocated with other Azure services. While general availability should be ready within the year, interested parties can work with their Microsoft reps to qualify for preview participation.

In addition to these, there are a number of other valuable resources which can assist with your migration to Azure:

TCO Paper – This outlines your potential savings when moving from VMware to Azure.

Azure Migration Center – This includes the tools, guidance, and recommendations for migration technology partners.

Azure for VMware vSphere Admins Course – A free online course offering practical instruction and implementation.

Webcasts – Various webcasts that may be available at specific intervals through Microsoft.
Beyond Migration

We know that many businesses are making actionable plans to migrate into the cloud as a means of helping their organizations move and grow faster. Azure offers the security, reliability, and sheer global scale that is required to assist operations like yours to deliver and scale all of your applications. We are also aware of the fact that it’s not always possible or practical to run your whole business in the cloud. Certain regulatory or compliance requirements may demand that you run some of your applications on-premises in a hybrid manner. This demands a truly robust set of hybrid services and solutions that go above migration, connectivity, and virtualization but also offer total consistency across cloud and on-premises environments. Azure is the ideal solution because it is the only true hybrid cloud that allows for consistency across all application development, management, data, security, and identity. Tools such as Azure Stack, Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, AzureSecurity Center, SQL Server, and others are what make this possible.

See for yourself how Azure can serve as the perfect solution as you look to transform your VMware environment. Give the team at Uncommon Solutions a call to learn more today.