Dateverse and xRM

Dataverse and CRM

If you’re in the market for a customer relationship management tool, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a 360-degree view of your relationships, assets and processes out of the box, and has incredible extensibility now that it is based on the DataVerse and customized in PowerApps. Better yet, if you are one of those clients that made us call CRM “xRM” for a time, you can now take advantage of the same powerful backend as Dynamics even if you don’t have the more traditional business entities like customers, products, and orders.  These platforms empower your team to make better decisions while handling day-to-day operations as efficiently and effectively as possible, no matter how “Uncommon” your needs are.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we offer profesional services to design, deploy and support solutions built in the Power Platform (PowerBI, PowerApps, PowerAutomate, and Dataverse – among other modules) or in Dynamics CRM, as well as ClickDimensions, a tightly integrated marketing automation plug-in for Dynamics CRM.  ClickDimensions brings your marketing data together with the capacity to automate and improve deliverability of marketing messages in a single seemless, comprehensive customer relationships management platform.

Dynamics CRM is a powerful solution that delivers significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Automation – CRM powered by PowerAutomate, Azure, and Business Process Flows, can automate tasks to eliminate manual bottlenecks, saving you time and money.
  • Fast Deployments – Stop building LOB software from scratch. The Power Platform extends the functionality and flexibility of your CRM system.
  • User-Friendly and Familiar– You and your team can use Dynamics and Power Platform solutions with ease, with tried and true Microsoft Office features and functionality.
  • Reliable Native Features – xRM solutions are founded on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which enables users to take advantage of powerful workflows, data modeling, reporting and web services.
  • Integration – xRM solutions are easily integrated with existing systems, making it easy to move away from dated technology without losing valuable data.
  • Scalability – There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. Power Platform and Dynamics are fully scalable and can meet the requirements of organizations large and small.
  • Security – Never worry about sensitive data being accessed by unauthorized parties. Robust security features throughout provide peace of mind.
Cohesive Customer Experience

A hallmark of the digitally transformed organization is the customer’s consistent experience as they pass from interaction to interaction with the organization. Customers may experience:

  • Having to change their contact information in two or three places.
  • Forms or web pages asking for the same information repeatedly.
  • A representative today being unaware of a discussion/issue from yesterday.
  • Untargeted marketing and sales communications.

Track records of customer interactions in a centralized system, empowering staff to serve customers with awareness of other team interactions.

Capture customer preferences and distinguishing characteristics to personalize sales and marketing dialogue with customers.

Solution Starters:

  • Consider an xRM Test Drive/Proof of Concept.
  • Already have Dynamics? PowerBI reporting for xRM PoC could be the key to unlocking the potential of your CRM.
Dropped Balls

How confident are you that your team is capitalizing on every opportunity to the best of their ability? As you refine your sales process, follow-up and execution are essential to success.

Whether it’s consistent pursuit of new leads, efficient presentation of proposals, execution of deliverables or any other process key to your success, inconsistent and unclear processes limit your organization.

Make the most of your investments in marketing and customer acquisition by documenting and automating key processes to ensure best practices are followed consistently to the end every time.

Solution Starters:

  • Take an xRM Test Drive/Proof of Concept to see how Microsoft Dynamics365 can help.
  • Already have Dynamics? PowerBI reporting for xRM PoC can give your processes needed visibility and accountability.
Out-Of-The Box Fit

Microsoft Dynamics has grown over the years in two ways:

  1. To better fit everyone (convergence)
  2. It’s more configurable to unique needs (divergence)

So, if you’re trying to make the out-of-the-box solution work, chances are you’re missing half the value of your solution. Not every customization is costly and difficult to maintain like older systems.

Identify areas where your existing xRM is most effective and most lacking, then determine necessary improvements to maximize your ROI on xRM.

If customization would have a material impact on your success with xRM, proceed only with cost-justified, reasonable-to-maintain customizations.

Solution Starters:

  • An xRM fit assessment can help identify opportunities to get more from your Dynamics deployment.
  • If you’re using SalesForce or another alternative to Dynamics, take an xRM Test Drive/Proof of Concept to see if Microsoft Dynamics365 is a better fit for you.

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Cloud Migration

Your xRM is essential, and you’ve painstakingly custom-tuned it to fit your needs over the years. Now, you want to migrate it to Dynamics Online and it feels like your customizations are too fragile to move without breaking it.

It’s possible that it will go more smoothly than you fear, but you just don’t have the Dynamics expertise and/or time to deal with any problems that might may arise.

Migrate to Dynamics 365, thereby reducing the cost of maintenance, making your configurations more robust, and taking advantage of the latest functionality.

Have confidence that your xRM solution is reliable and maintainable.

Solution Starters:
A Dynamics365 Workshop can help you plan the migration of your on-premise system to the cloud, identifying any areas of concern as well as strategies to mitigate risks.

Data Access

It feels like you can’t access or use the data you put into your xRM. The built-in reports don’t meet all of your needs. Further, you have other business systems that use xRM data such as account lists, closed orders and forecasts, but it’s difficult to integrate the data.

Make your xRM data available in your data warehouse, integrating the data with your other business systems such as your accounting data for commissions, your line of business system for new accounts and PowerBI for reporting.

Solution Starters:
Our PowerBI reporting for xRM PoC makes your xRM data work for you.

The “X” Factor/Too Many Systems

You’re not just managing customer relationships. You have processes that are unique to your business and you need to be able to plan, track and manage those processes. It’s confusing to know when to go into Dynamics vs other systems.

Provide a complete picture of your customer relationship in a single interface. Implement custom entities and workflow automation as feasible to manage processes and/or create connections to surface data from other systems in context within Dynamics.

Solution Starters:
A Dynamics365 Workshop can help identify what data belongs directly in Dynamics vs. employing techniques by which Dynamics routes and connects users to the information they need in context.

See the case studies

Read the blog posts

Expand your view and extend your customer relationship capabilities with xRM.

Relevant Case Studies


We are currently building our case studies library.


We are currently building our case studies library.


We are currently building our case studies library.

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