Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: Deployment

Technology is at the heart of virtually every organization’s operations, making it critical. Systems management—from servers and migrations to deploying operating systems and managing upgrades—is an essential back-end component of your infrastructure. Staying current on technology can seem daunting at times. Uncommon Solutions’ experts assist organizations in deploying new systems within their environment while taking user impact into full account.

Our team can assist you with a wide array of technologies and services:

  • Devices Management & Inventory
  • Operating Systems Deployment & Upgrades
  • Active Directory & Azure Active Directory
  • Server Management
  • Server Virtualization
  • Backups & Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Operations Management Suite
  • Azure – Moving to the Cloud
  • Migrations – Domains, Identity, Servers
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Windows AutoPilot
Windows 10 Auto-Pilot

You struggle with a Windows imaging solution. What you need is:

  • A mobile imaging solution
  • Minimal touch from IT staff to deploy the imaging solution
  • To optimize how you deploy operating systems to many locations around the country
  • To understand how to standardize your operating systems throughout your environment

Use a Windows 10 deployment system that is customizable, capable of mobile deployments, easy to maintain and minimizes usage of your IT team.

Solution Starters:

  • Intune Deployment
    • Intune must be configured
  • Licensing = Windows 10 Subscription based (CSP)
  • Windows 10 upgrade assistance
  • Azure Domain Join
Too Much Time Spent Managing Updates

You spend a large amount of time managing updates for your systems via WSUS (Windows Systems Update Server) and would like to optimize your time with other priorities. You need a system that can help automate and minimize the amount of time it takes to update your systems on a consistent basis.

Implement a system that can reduce your resource time, reduce costs, and optimize updating by automating Windows updates across our environment.

Solution Starters:

  • Operations Management Suite (OMS) – Update Agent
  • Intune – Windows 10 Enrollment
  • SCCM Windows 10 Management
Not Knowing What Your Servers Are Doing In Live Time

You have some high priority servers that need to be monitored live time, and you need warnings when they are offline or disconnected.

The agents you have that monitor these servers have no way of communicating to you if the network goes down. You need a solution that will warn you of any type of outage or connection issue.

Ensure that the critical systems are functional with maximum up time.

Implement a system that will alert my team of any outage in order to move to a recovery and/or DR mode.

Solution Starters:
Compliance Assessment and Remediation

  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Operations Management Suite with Server Monitoring
  • Azure Backups/Site Recovery

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Secure Deployment and Scaling

Secure environments demand consistency from the OS across all applications, the network and patches. This creates a massive amount of work for your IT team and is rarely achieved without support systems and automation.

Automate common IT tasks such as system builds, server deployments, patching and updating to reduce the labor demand on the IT team.

Improve the consistency and security of the environment.

Solution Starters:

  • OMS Workshop
  • Auto-pilot Workshop
  • Infrastructure Workshop
  • Infrastructure Assessment & Remediation

See the Case Studies

Read the blog posts

Relevant Case Studies


We are currently building our case studies library.


We are currently building our case studies library.


We are currently building our case studies library.

Relevant Blog Posts

“I’ve worked with several different IT groups over the years and have noticed there is certainly a difference between the capabilities and talent within them. I’m impressed with Uncommon Solutions and look forward to continuing a long relationship.”

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“I just want you all to know that the reason we moved ahead with the network project and the reason we will be signing a maintenance contract with Uncommon Solutions. We were all very impressed with your initial work. We know we can depend on someone with this level of skill and ability to take care of our network.”

~ Wheat Ridge Water District
“I am very picky and will let vendors know right away if I am displeased. Compliments from me are only delivered when my high expectations are met. I just wanted to you let you know that I am very pleased with your service and product and you have great people on your staff.”

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