Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: Security

The basis of a strong IT environment is a stronghold to keep your data safe and secure. Let our security experts help you gain visibility into your organization’s security to strengthen the management of your controls and policies. We provide guidance and solutions that can enhance your organization’s security posture and deliver greater peace of mind.

Risk of Data Loss and Theft

Proliferation of mobile-based, browser-based and home-based computing has spread confidential and sensitive data across devices and in often unknown locations. This creates a large target surface area that is difficult to protect. As a result, many organizations are experiencing increasing levels of data breach, regulatory consequences and loss of intellectual property.

Reduce target surface area and increase confidence that you are in compliance with applicable regulations.

Ensure your data is safe, secure and accounted for.

Solution Starters:
Consolidation of access to data

  • SSO
  • Conditional access
  • MDM
Incident Response and Recovery

You have become the victim of an attack—from a single hacker detected on your network to a broad-scale ransomware infection that has shut down your operation. Frustrated users, application shut downs, lingering impacts of lost data, and the risk of spreading infection can be paralyzing and costly.

Clearly understand your situation and the process to stop the damage, recover data, restore operations, and shore up your systems defenses against future attacks.

Solution Starters:
Business Impact Analysis ERT

Security Compliance and Protocols

Whether you are proactively considering your responsibilities or facing an audit or noncompliance accusation, complying with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, PII, GDPR, GLB, SOX can require significant planning and potentially costly investments in infrastructure, disrupting your business priorities.

Minimize costs and disruption while transforming into a security-compliant organization.

Solution Starters:
Compliance Assessment and Remediation

  • InTune
  • EM+S
  • SharePoint

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Secure Deployment and Scaling

Secure environments demand consistency from the OS across all applications, the network and patches. This creates a massive amount of work for your IT team and is rarely achieved without support systems and automation for the IT professional.

Automate common IT tasks such as system builds, server deployments, patching, and updating to reduce the labor demand on the IT team.

Improve the consistency and security of the environment.

Solution Starters:

  • OMS Workshop
  • Auto-pilot Workshop
  • Infrastructure Workshop
  • Infrastructure Assessment & Remediation
Cloud-Based Identity

Your users and directory information are stored in an on-premise active directory (AD) infrastructure. However, your users are increasingly opting for cloud-based software solutions that don’t integrate with your on-premise AD. In some cases, you end up with separate identities in the cloud.

Reduce dependence on on-premise security principles.

Maintain a single, secure identity for all users.

Solution Starters:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • SSO / MFA Workshop
Dated Architecture (a.k.a. Skillset Trap)

Your report authors, DBAs or analysts know your business inside and out, but they have been using the same tools for years and they don’t know what they don’t know about modern BI toolsets. Further, you fear that the learning curve of new toolsets and the headache of data migration will offset the benefits.

Evaluate your BI architecture against the latest trends and identify opportunities for improvement. Build a cost-effective, next-generation architecture to equip your team to make a smooth digital transformation toward a data-driven culture.

Solution Starters:

  • A BI RoadMap gathers both business and technical user perspectives to help create a path to more effective BI infrastructure.
  • A BI Workshop or Proof of Concept can expose and educate your team to the benefits of modern BI toolsets like PowerBI.
  • A SQL Modernization Assessment can help you identify the costs and benefits of a change to your BI architecture.

See the case studies

Read the blog posts

Relevant Case Studies


We are currently building our case studies library.


We are currently building our case studies library.


We are currently building our case studies library.

Relevant Blog Posts

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Make sure your data is safe and your IT environment secure. Talk with our security experts and enhance your peace of mind.