Systems Migrations

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure: Systems Migrations

As organizations grow and mature, they find they are reliant on aging and legacy systems. These systems often result in disruption of services and loss of productivity. The Uncommon Solutions team of engineers and solutions architects provide expert-level consulting services—from strategy and planning to implementing the migration from legacy environments to current technologies.

Migrations Types:

  • Exchange Online (O365)
  • SharePoint (Data)
  • IaaS/Azure Services (Cloud)
  • Active Directory (Identity)
  • Microsoft Server (Physical or Cloud Move)
  • Device Management (Solution)
  • Cloud Migration
Archaic, Outdated Technology

Technology is negatively impacting the perception of your organization to both customers and employees. Whether this old technology includes functional inefficiency or not, the perception is leading to missed opportunities for recruiting top talent as well as closing new business opportunities.

Replace and/or modernize old platforms while minimizing negative impact on business in transition.

Solution Starters:

  • Email migrations
  • Infrastructure/Domain migrations
  • Line of Business (LOB) system migrations
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Modernization and cloud migration of custom applications

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Domain Infrastructure Confidence

You inherited an environment that was thrown together over time and your company has expanded past the capacity the domain was intended to support.
No security or standards were designed into the architecture, and you are worried about potential vulnerabilities within the environment.
You want an environment that you designed with which you feel at ease.

Create a domain infrastructure with user identity mobility, authentication, management, expandability and security parameters that align with business requirements.

Benefit from a modernized build-out that is mobile and is configured to leverage modern technology (BI, Security protocols, management, etc.)

Improve the consistency and security of the environment.

Solution Starters:

  • Determine the actual current infrastructure with an Infrastructure Assessment
  • An Active Directory Assessment helps you understand the current health of the AD environment and the severity of risk for the user identity moves
  • Determine the need for moving systems to the cloud (old hardware, business continuity, etc.) with a Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Azure Migration – Move servers and/or infrastructure pieces to the cloud
  • Domain Migration – Migrate identities to new infrastructure
Domain Join Anywhere – Azure Domain Join

You have a large mobile workforce and need a more effective way to manage and control company machines. Your current infrastructure is made up of many domain controllers, and you still have issues with user machines being managed with proper group policies and password implementation.

Enroll all mobile Windows 10 devices into Azure Domain Join.

With Azure Domain Join, setup mobile password policies and use Intune-based management to regulate machine policies, changes and updates.

Solution Starters:

  • EM+S Readiness
  • EM+S Setup & Configuration
  • EM+S Licensing (M365 Bundle)
  • Active Directory Assessment

See the Case Studies

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Relevant Case Studies


We are currently building our case studies library.


We are currently building our case studies library.


We are currently building our case studies library.

Relevant Blog Posts

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