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What is Uncommon Solutions all about? Who are we?

Remarkably Human IT

Founded in the vibrant city of Denver in 2002, Uncommon Solutions has emerged as a leading IT consulting company, dedicated to transforming mid-size businesses through innovative technology solutions. With a team of over 20 seasoned professionals, including architects, network engineers, web developers, project managers, and business analysts, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

At Uncommon Solutions, we believe that technology should never be overly complex or distant from the people who use it. That’s why we take pride in being not only experienced IT consultants but also down-to-earth individuals who understand the unique needs of mid-size businesses. Our team is passionate about designing, building, and maintaining exceptional information technology solutions that align precisely with our clients’ goals.

In essence, Uncommon Solutions is the bridge that connects visionary businesses with exceptional IT solutions, bringing together the power of technology and the human touch to create lasting success stories.

Commitment TO Transformation

Our unwavering and dedicated focus remains on delivering transformative work towards tangible, measurable change that resonates deeply across your entire company.

Client-Centric Approach

We cultivate a culture where the customer’s needs and experiences, driven by ongoing client input and feedback, are consistently at the forefront of every action we undertake.

Tailor-Made Strategies

We offer precise, individualized expertise, rooted in our commitment to understand your goals, resulting in finely tuned solutions for your unique circumstances.

Collaborative Partnership

We actively collaborate with our clients throughout the entire process, from the initial idea to implementation and ongoing support. We ensure our clients are key decision-makers.

Constant Innovation

We stay at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies, delivering cutting-edge solutions that safeguard our clients’ businesses for their future.

Excellence & Commitment

We are more than consultants; we are dedicated partners committed to our clients’ long-term success, driven by passion for technology and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Full Stack Microsoft Support & Development

Uncommon Leadership

We believe that organizational excellence begins at the very top. Our leadership team is comprised of men and women whose combined experience totals more than a century’s worth of work within the industry. This level of knowledge, skill, and ability helps guide the entire enterprise and creates a culture where employees can reach their full potential. We strive to lead by example, continuously bettering ourselves to meet ever-evolving client needs.
    Brad Leiby

    Brad Leiby

    CEO / Practice Manager

    Strategic Consulting Services
    Productivity & Insights

    • Analytics
    • xRM

    Brad considers using technology to solve real-world business problems much more than a career. To him, it’s a calling. A confident assurance that comes from knowing he is using his gifts and talents exactly as he was meant to—casting vision, leading and developing teams, and creating environments where employees, clients and organizations can achieve their fullest potential. He understands when people are passionate… Read More

    Vicky Fleming

    Vicky Fleming

    CEO / Practice Manager

    Strategic Consulting Services

    In the dynamic and constantly changing world of IT, it’s good to have a technology partner like Vicky on your side who understands what it’s like to be a client—a calm, capable, and reassuring advocate who replaces worry with confidence in every aspect of an engagement.

    As Director of Professional services, she provides clients tremendous peace of mind by managing every step of the way all the details and communications on their projects. From overseeing project management teams to quality control to managing important details like accounting and billing considerations, Vicky makes sure things get done well, on time and on budget… Read More

    A Few of Our Client Partners

    We believe technology has the power to bring people together, not get in the way. That’s why we dedicate so much energy to building great teams and creating strong relationships. Our passion for excellence is contagious, and our team of experts constantly explore, expand, and share our knowledge base to bring you the latest business technology and expertise. Healthy partnerships are the key to successful engagements.

    Charitable Giving: The Uncommon Fund

    Shown Below: Uncommon Solutions staff and clients enjoy an evening to support Project Cure. Project Cure is an international organization that sorts donated medical supplies from the USA and distributes them into 2nd and 3rd world populations in need.

    The Uncommon Fund embodies a culture of gracious and charitable giving, rooted in the understanding that we are richly blessed. Rather than comparing upwards, the focus is on comparing downwards, acknowledging our abundance and sharing it with those in need.

    Thriving goes beyond material success; it encompasses a holistic sense of fulfillment. The Uncommon Fund recognizes that giving back is an integral part of thriving in many ways. By fostering a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude, it inspires individuals and communities to contribute to the greater good.

    Like nurturing a harvest, the Uncommon Fund encourages producing and sharing the abundance with others. Through collective efforts, a strong sense of community in purpose is formed, as like-minded individuals unite to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

    Moreover, the Uncommon Fund believes in celebrating the act of giving. It recognizes that giving is not merely an obligation but a joyous occasion. The fund cherishes each contribution and acknowledges the significance of every act of kindness.

    Ultimately, the Uncommon Fund grants a sense of purpose to its donors and beneficiaries alike. It serves as a reminder of why it is essential to engage in giving back and reinforces the understanding of what the collective efforts are all about. By nurturing a culture of gracious giving, the Uncommon Fund uplifts individuals and communities, creating a ripple effect of positive change and enriching lives for a brighter future.

    Uncommon Solutions is always looking for Remarkably Human IT™ experts. If you’d like to join the Uncommon team, we’d like to hear from you.