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Join the Remarkably Human IT™ team and get ready to love your work.

We focus on hiring rock-solid IT experts who are genuinely great with people. We strive to be a compassionate and calming force in times of chaos. We are more than dependable IT consultants with high-level skill-sets, certifications, and experience. We embody collaboration, courage, teamwork, and trust. We form relationships that transcend business and care deeply about clients, partners, and each other. This is a commitment honored every day in a Remarkably Human approach to solving technology challenges.

Join Our Uncommon Apprentice Program

Looking to start a career in technology? Why not start at Uncommon Solutions and join our growing Apprentice Program? All you need to do is contact us to provide a little information about yourself and why you would like to explore this position and career field. What about technology interests you? Why do you think a career in technology might be a good fit for you and your current experience or interests?

Uncommon does not require any prerequisites to join our program. However, we are seeking motivated individuals who have an interest in learning how to develop career skills in a consultative technology company.

If your interests are in any of the following fields…

  • BI-Driven Development (Custom integrations, programming, and analytics)
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (On-premise and cloud infrastructure: Servers, cloud migrations, O365, and Azure)
  • Account Management (Relationship development and project management)
  • Sales (Digital marketing, lead generation, product sales)

… then our program may be just what you are looking for to take a deeper look at the skills required to become a systems engineer, a developer, an account manager or a sales professional.

At Uncommon Solutions, we believe...

  • IT spending must be tightly aligned with customers' business strategies/priorities, and they must support their most important goals
  • Fancy technical solutions people can’t/won’t use or don't trust are worthless
  • Creating an in-house environment helps our employees thrive
  • Honest relationships and clear communication with customers give IT strong business value
  • When IT is thoughtfully/skillfully applied, the results can be game-changing
  • Getting the “human side” of technology right is just as important as the technical parts
  • IT solutions can be cost-effectively tailored to even small business' unique needs/wants

If you agree, and you are looking to join a team that is more like a family than individuals earning paychecks, we want to hear from you.

Uncommon Solutions is always looking for Remarkably Human IT™ experts. If you’d like to join the Uncommon team, we’d like to hear from you.